Welcome to the PSC 2018 swim season. The main pool and baby pool are open and ready for you to enjoy. (If you want to see the 2018 operating schedule please click on the following link: https://parkwoodswimclub.wildapricot.org/Calendar.) 

Your Board has worked diligently to ensure that PSC continues to be a safe, family-friendly, affordable community pool. Here are some of the upgrades and improvements we have made in the past year to improve safety and to help control costs.


New Way to Buy Concession Stand Items and Pay Membership and Guest Fees

You can now pay membership and guest fees and buy items at the concession stand using your debit, credit or mobile wallet if you prefer, instead of using cash. So, it’s no longer necessary to bring cash to the pool. Note- Under the contract with Pool Professionals, the swim club retains all profits from concession stand sales which we plan to spend improving our facilities.

Adult Lap Lane Swimming

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the pool will remain open for an additional hour (8 – 9 pm) for adult-only lap lane swimming on a first come, first served basis.

Main Pool Filtration System

We replaced all three main pool sand filters with filters having 30% higher filtration capacity. We are now filtering the pool water at a rate approximately 40% above the minimum rate required by public health regulations.


New Chlorination System

We are installing a more effective, more economical and safer-to-operate chlorination system for the main pool. The new system should pay for itself in just six weeks and produce annual savings of $1,300 in chemical cost alone.

New Ladders, Lifeguard Stands and Diving Boards

Last year an electrician told us that his tests showed that the metal ladder, guard stands and diving boards were bonded to the pool’s equipotential grid, as required by law. This grid electrical grounding to prevent someone using the pool from receiving an electrical shock. A good explanation of how the equipotential bonding grid works with electrical grounding to prevent electrical shocking can be found here:


After another electrician did the same type of testing six weeks ago, we learned that the earlier test must have been done incorrectly because he determined that the ladders, guard stands and diving boards were not bonded to the grid. He also told us that it would cost over $5,000 to bond these items to the grid and that we would also have to buy new ladders (because the existing ones did not meet the current requirements for equipotential bonding).

We knew that we could not open the pool until this potential electrical shock situation was fixed. Also, the electrician could not assure us that he could do the work in time for us to open the pool swim team practice. Fortunately (because of their age and poor condition), we had been planning to replace all of these items within the next two years with non-conducting ones that did not have to be bonded to the equipotential grid. Further, they could be replaced at a cost that was less than what it would cost to bond the existing items to the grid.

We were able to replace the ladders and lifeguard stands before the pool opened. We also removed the two diving boards (we could not pass inspection as long as they were present) but are still evaluating replacement options. It has taken longer than we anticipated because the regulations governing diving boards are so complex. We have concluded that we need to hire a professional diving board expert to help us find a diving board that meets all of the regulations.

Pool Staffing and Management

We contracted out the staffing of PSC to Pool Professionals, Inc., a well-rated and experienced pool management company. We decided to contract out these activities after concluding that the numerous and continually changing federal, state and local regulations governing the operation of commercial private pools made it impractical for a for a small volunteer Board to safely and economically operate a private, commercial seasonal pool without professional  support. We believe this change from self-management to professional management will improve pool safety and produce meaningful cost savings in pool chemicals, cleaning supplies, insurance premiums and equipment maintenance and repair.

Wi-Fi Coverage

We were paying Frontier Communications $900 a year for 3MB DSL service. After concluding that we this money would be better spent improving our facilities, we cancelled the service. The service costs so much because Frontier would not provide Internet service unless we maintained a 12-month contract with them and paid full price even during the nine months the pool was closed. (Unfortunately, Frontier is the only ISP willing to provide us Internet service. Spectrum and AT&T told us that it would cost at least $4,000 to connect us to their systems and they couldn’t justify spending that amount of money to provide service to one customer.)

If you have questions, please email us at parkwoodswimclubnc@gmail.com or individually at:

Casey Privette (casey.privette@gmail.com)

Jennifer Feaster (jfeaster700@gmail.com)

Peter Johnstone (peteralan@gmail.com)

Chad Wesson (chad.wesson@me.com)

Tamara Schellenberg (tdschellenberg@gmail.com)

Bill Mitchell (mitcbill@gmail.com)

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you at the pool this summer!

Your PSC Board

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